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Angel Alchemy

Let Us Help You Change Your Energy & Change Your Life

Is your day to day life stressful?

Is your body full of aches and pains?

Do you fight a battle within and know you need some help? 

We offer you the chance to experience a simple yet powerful, tested system of no-touch energy medicine called Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing is based on the fundamental principles that your body is self-repairing, and that by increasing the energy, one can accelerate the healing of the body and the mind.

In a one hour session, clients report feeling "lighter", "calmer", "more at peace".

Most people experience a decrease in their stress level and leave feeling more positive.

Many clients also report a decrease in chronic pain and are able to move freely

and further than they've had in years. 

Meditation on Twin Hearts


Experience the Miracles of Pranic Healing 

At Angel Alchemy we want to help you become a

healthier, happier, more vibrant version of yourself!

Helping the worlds Helpers:


25% discount on healing sessions

A portion of all proceeds goes to support Pranic Healing programs for the less fortunate and other charities.