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Angel Alchemy

Customer Testimonials

As a long-time healer and skilled intuitive, I am very particular about the healers I ask for help. Alorah Tout's work is beautiful. She wraps her healing skill inside her integrity, generosity and loving kindness. She is attentive and compassionate. I can feel my nervous system moving into peace as she works from a distance. 

I highly recommend Alorah for her healing work. Her background in and commitment to those in law enforcement, the military and emergency workers is unique and powerful. These noble communities have a fellow soldier whose work is effective, skilled and honed to address their unique challenges. Thank you, Lorah!

Therese Rowley, Ph.D

Let’s start out by saying, I’ve been a police officer for over 10 years now. So being a skeptic comes natural as part of the job, which also affects me on a personal level. However, I’ve always been a God fearing person. But there are those spiritual parts we hear about that I still have problems believing in letting go of.

When it comes to the healings that I receive from Aorah, I’m no longer a skeptic. She helped me through a very rough time in my life. She was able to do spiritual healings with me on the phone and even times when I slept. Even when I had no idea she was doing them. I would wake feeling better even when I had no clue what she had done.

Her guidance helped me to a place of healing. A place where I opened my mind to God's wonder and healing. I’m now a true believer in spiritual healing, meditation, and cleansing. The quality of my life has improved greatly. The things I’ve learned help me everyday. Above all, believe, and Pray.

Thank you,

Matthew, Florida

Law Enforcement

Alorah is a very experienced and highly intuitive energy healer. I have had sessions with her in person and distantly and she has been right on with what she is seeing and sensing. I have always noticed a major shift in my health, energy or appearance after a healing with her.

I have worked with many energy and healing practitioners practicing many modalities and value Lorah's experience, ethics and professionalism.

Anne Susas,

Owner of Sweet Pose, a yoga and wellness center in Paoli, PA

Dear Alorah,

Namaste and my heartfelt gratitude and respects to you first of all.

While I sat meditating absorbing and being a receiver to your healing, I felt very light and happy. I connected with Lord Ganesha and thanked him again for fixing so many things in my life. I even laughed and cried a bit - all the emotions were letting loose. It was so liberating. As I closed my eyes, I saw Purple and Electric violet lamps over my crown, and could see blue light shining facing my heart. I opened my eyes with a feeling of contentment, and felt so happy and lighter.

Sidhe, MA


Thank you for my healing. I felt a good bit better the next day. At least the severity of the coughing seem reduced a lot. I actually felt very good by Saturday, like a "new woman" back to my energy level - well close - 90% back. So thank you for that.

I also want to Thank You for the healing you gave to my son on 6 Nov. I believe it had a good impact on him as he related to me that his pulls seemed diminished quite a bit. he still gets them but they are not nearly as strong as they have been in the past. He waivers on getting depressed but he is trying to stay positive and continues to look ahead. That is good. He has come such a long way from where he was and I am so thankful to you

-Kelley, United Kingdom

Having just met Alorah at a Twin Hearts Mediation, we spoke about Pranic Healing and what it is all about as well as the long term benefits. I was intrigued so I decided to have a session (or a few) glad I did.

Alorah is well practiced in the studies of Pranic Healing. She not only gets the surface problems fixed but digs even deeper and finds the root and handles that -my emotional distress.

Thank you Alorah for the wonderful healings.

D Klement 

Dear Alorah,

I contacted you regarding a hard and painful cyst on my wrist. You worked on me. After the first session the pain was lessened substantially. When I woke up the next morning, the cyst was smaller and softer and more spread out, and there was still no pain. Within 3 short sessions and 2 days the cyst which had been there for 4 months was completely gone and there was no more pain.

Thank you for your help!

Donna, Lancaster, PA


You have helped me on several occasions for different things. I was half way through a 4,ooo mile road trip and my back was hurting so badly from days in the car that I could barely walk up right and you did a general cleaning on me. By the time you were though I was feeling better. The next day I drove to North Carolina and when I got there my back didn't hurt at all. I couldn't believe how great I felt. Most recently I called you with a heavy heart over several impulsive decisions and I was almost at the end of my rope emotionally. I was on the verge of crying constantly. You healed me that day as well. The next morning I was already feeling better. The emotional pain I had been in was already subsiding. It has been a few weeks since then and I feel great. My heart is lighter and is opening back up. I can feel the energy pouring into it again. Every healing you do for me changes my life in small and large ways. I am grateful for you every day. Namaste

Sharmen, Vet Technician, Chesapeake, Va

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